Moto Waganari: Helping Hands

Stony Brook Medicine Hospital, NY

“Helping Hands” by Moto Waganari

 I see myself as a virtual sculptor. My process begins by designing my sculptures on a computer. In this medium, there are no limits, neither in the dimension of my design nor in the material. I am completely free. I stay in this virtual space and experiment until I am satisfied with the design. Next, the sculpture is made physical using a three-dimensional printer, crafting the initial structure of polymeric plastic. Stability is achieved by adding a layer of nickel alloy, utilizing an electroplating process. Through the exhibition, the sculpture is fully realized, when the use of light and shadow brings the figures to life.  The inspiration for “Helping Hands” originates in my professional background. Before studying architecture, I worked in the management of a hospital, where I got to know the ecosystem intimately. On the one hand, I was impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the nurses and doctors. On the other hand, I was deeply impacted by the fate of many of the patients and the hardship of their relatives.  I want to express this interaction, through “Helping Hands.” The figures demonstrate their strength, climbing upwards on a rope with a sense of weightlessness. They reach their hands out to the viewers, offering to help them climb - to elevate their spirits. As if to say, “Things are looking up.” Whether the viewer is a hospital employee, a visitor or a patient I hope they identify with the sculpture’s message of optimism. For me, “Helping Hands” illustrates the most important factor in medicine: humanity. 




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