McKay Otto


series statement

McKay Otto’s work represents a dynamic way of contemplating art, where he takes the viewer into new dimensions, breaking a traditional way of seeing. His paintings have a hidden meaning: when they are seen in the dark, Otto’s paintings reveal another work of art which is only unveiled and visible when not in the light. This uncommon and rare experience that enlightens the viewer, truly gives meaning to what he is attempting to convey. He not only surprises us with his ability to play with light and darkness, but his research for new materials that characterize his canvases amaze and delight as well. It is in this way that McKay Otto was able to break the traditional two-dimension- al plane into the three- dimensional. The experience of contemplating McKay’s work, changes, evolves, and is different for everyone who perceives it.


As McKay once said, “There’s always light in the dark, you just have to look beyond”. McKay Otto has created a new visual language with indirect reflections of light, color, and geometrical forms, achieving true abstraction. Going further than any other artist, his unique canvases transcend the three-dimensional realm into a universal experience.



LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, Palm Beach, FL


CONTEXT Miami, Miami, FL, USA

The Square Then Circle: Market Art + Design, Bridgehampton, NY, USA

D.C. Solo Pop-UP, Washington D.C., USA


Feminine Feminist: Cinnabar Contemporary Gallery, San Antonio, TX, USA

Spring Eternal: Gallery 701, Austin, TX, USA

Ever A Kiss Ever: Texas Art House, Johnson City, TX, USA

Past/Present: Texas Art House, Johnson City, TX, USA


Miami Project 5: The Red Arrow Gallery, Miami, FL, USA

PURE: Texas Art House, Johnson City, TX, USA

Night and Day: The OZ Studios, CAMIBAart, Houston, TX, USA

Texas Contemporary Art Fair: Laura Rathe Gallery, Houston, TX, USA

Material Matters: Texas Society of Sculptors, Austin, TX, USA

Power of Ten: McNay Museum / Cinnabar Gallery, San Antonio, TX, USA

Ever or Ever: CAMIAart Gallery, Austin, TX, USA

Ever So Ever: Austin Art Projects, Palm Desert, CA, USA


Silo of McKays: Hill Country Science Mill, Johnson City, TX, USA

Almost Nothing: Northern-Southern, Austin, TX, USA

Texas Abstract, Art Scan Gallery, Houston, TX, USA

International Contemporary Art Fair: Cinnabar Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Texas Abstract: Gallery at Vaudeville, Federicksburg, TX, USA


Transfiguration: Big Medium Gallery, Austin, TX, USA

Ever Reveal Then Reveal Ever: Houston Baptist University Gallery 220, Houston, TX, USA

Texas Abstract: Wade Wilson Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Return: Cinnabar Contemporary Gallery, San Antonio, TX, USA

Texas Abstract: Galveston Art Center Gallery, Galveston, TX, USA

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