Artist Bio

Parish Kohanim

Commitment, passion, and love to elicit "Beauty" is the paradigm of Parish's philosophy of three decades of Photography. Consistently original, diverse, inventive and timelessness are the hallmarks of his Photography. His uncommon use of colors, whether vibrant or pastel, as well as his stunning and luminous black & white images have become his distinctive and unique signature and style.

He is honored to be a member of Canon's prestigious "Explorers of Light" since l994. An honor shared by a small group of Leading and Elite photographers worldwide, which he still remains as a current member. He is also a member of Canon's "Print Master" Program, as well as a member of APPLE'S Advisory Board for Aperture Software.

In the early part of his career, he worked as a commercial photographer working on major ad campaigns for many Fortune 500 companies, major publications, advertising agencies, and design firms. He is a winner of many national and international awards. His main passion and focus remains in producing his fine art imagery exclusively.

In his upcoming book, "Luminosa", Parish has been collaborating with many Cirque du Soleil performers (for five years) capturing images at1/5000th of a second resulting in a vast collection "frozen moments" and never seen before photographs that celebrate the beauty and astonishing capabilities of the human body and form.

Parish lives, breathes and devours photography to pursue his dreams. He finds perfectionism is a transcending asset and attribute, enabling him to constantly explore and expand his creative and artistic horizons and fly higher than ever before.

Fairs & Exhibitions

Cavalier Galleries, Permanent Exhibition, Greenwich, Connecticut | 2017
Summer Exhibition, Cavalier Galleries, Nantucket, MA | Summer 2017
Cavalier Galleries, Permanent Exhibition, NYC| May 2017 
Besharat Gallery Permanent Collection, Atlanta, GA | 2017
Bivins Gallery, Group Artist Show, Dallas, TX | Nov 4, 2016
Gallery 124, Savannah, GA | April 30 - Oct 2016
Besharat Gallery, Best of Atlanta, GA| Feb 2 - March 17 2016
Besharat Gallery, American Artists Are back in Paris, France | June 1 - July 6, 2013
Fondation Taylor, Group Show, Paris, France | June 13 - July 6, 2013
Art Palm Beach | Jan 24 - 28, 2013
Art Palm Beach | Jan 20 - 23, 2012
Affordable Art, NY | Sept 21-25, 2011
Besharat Museum Gallery, Fay Gold Onward | March -June1 2010
Besharat Gallery, Joint exhibit with Joyce Tenneson | 0ct 1, 2010-Nov 1, 2010
Besharat Gallery, Joint show and forum with Steve McCurry | Oct 17 - Nov 9, 2009


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